The 3 Week Diet

Revealed: The fastest way to lose weight. Are you sick of trying diets without having any results? If you’re tired of cutting out foods you love without any results, then this daily meal plan is for you. It’s designed to help you lose weight rapidly and works well with all people.

This diet works for a variety of reasons. It detoxes your body and only lasts for a single week. You can lose up to 10 pounds easily by following this structure plan. The ingredients you’ll be enjoying will satisfy hunger and burn through fat without feeling deprived.

In fact, you’ll be able to have three meals and a snack throughout the day. Below is the perfect recipe to a thinner body!

Fastest Way To Lose Weight

Here’s Exactly What To Do!


You’ll start your meal plan with a drink of lemon water. Squeeze an organic lemon and add three tablespoons of the juice in a glass of spring water. Mix this drink well and drink the entire glass each day before you have breakfast. The lemon water hydrates you first thing in the morning. It also alkalizes your body first thing in the morning, regulating your pH levels which are important to reduce your risk of diseases.

The lemon drinks also removes toxins from your liver and prepares your metabolism to digest food throughout the day. After you’ve had this drink, wait half an hour before having breakfast. Breakfast should be one of a few different options. You can have two apples or two oranges or a grapefruit.

If you’re still feeling hungry, try adding a cup of healthy nuts like almonds or hazelnuts. Combining the fruit with the nuts will give your body a healthy dose of nutrients and healthy fats to keep you going through the day. Also, the calories in the nuts keep your stomach satisfied until it’s time for your lunch meal.

Video Revealing A Secret Lemon Drink To Lose Weight Fast


Your lunch meal is going to be pure protein but it certainly isn’t going to be boring! You have the option of dairy and meat which you can choose for protein. For lunch, choose either 5 ounces of skinless chicken breast or choose 5 ounces of organic veal. You can also have a single serving of Greek yogurt. This lunch will keep you satisfied for 3-4 hours, exactly the amount of time you’ll need to digest the meal.


Having a mid-afternoon snack is important for your diet plan. It helps you stay on track so you won’t overeat for your dinner meal so don’t skip out on your snack! For this meal, you can have either a banana or choose a green salad. Avoid adding any dressings or additional ingredients to your salad, keeping it as simple as possible.

The reason for these snack choices is that they’ll help to keep your digestive system active. The banana is rich in nutrients and helps keep your bowels moving, meaning that it will clear out any toxins in your body. If you’re feeling bored with one choice, alternate them to keep your snack going but be sure not to skip this mini meal.


Dinner is an important meal, but the timing is also essential to get right. Dinner should always be before 6 PM at night. After that time you shouldn’t eat anything. The reason for this is you’ll be giving your digestive system a rest and instead provide important antioxidants like water and tea instead of solid foods. Dinner is a simple meal and should be two hard-boiled eggs, a green salad with cucumber, extra virgin olive oil, and a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.

This will be your entire meal and try to get it in before 6 PM as much as possible. After your dinner is over, make a fresh pot of green tea. Make the tea by steeping 4 teabags in one liter of water. This will amount to 3- 4 cups of tea. Drink the tea slowly over the evening without adding any sweeteners or ingredients to the tea. By drinking this tea, you’ll be burning 80 calories even without doing anything else. Isn’t that a great part of this diet?

This is truly the fastest way to lose weight and if you stick to this meal plan, you’ll start seeing results fast. While you may struggle to follow the plan at first, push through and you’ll be satisfied with the results. Remember that when you want to achieve your goals, persistence and self-discipline are keys.

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